Starloft Photo & Video provides a variety of photo, video, and related online services to help business owners and professionals market themselves and their business. This might include the classic headshot to be used on business cards and as a social media profile photo, personal branding photography where you get a library of 3 months worth of social media post images from one shoot, or product photography to use for your online store just to name a few possibilities. To learn more about a particular service that we offer, click the links below. Every project is custom designed to fit the needs of our client.

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Call us at 734-335-0213. We’d like to find out more about what you need, so we can better understand how we can best help you. We’ll be asking lots of questions, and we’ll be happy to answer yours, too. A second call may be necessary if we need time to put together a custom solution. If we decide to move forward, we require session payment at the time of booking to secure your session time on our calendar. We look forward to chatting!

Plymouth Photographer – Detroit Photographer – Ann Arbor Photographer – Michigan Photographer

Plymouth Photography – Detroit Photography – Ann Arbor Photography – Michigan Photography

Plymouth Videographer – Detroit Videographer – Ann Arbor Videographer – Michigan Videographer

Plymouth Videography – Detroit Videography – Ann Arbor Videography – Michigan Videography