What should I wear?

As long as our shoot location has a place to change, bring as many outfits as you’d like. We’ll help you pick what works best. We can discuss what to wear during our planning consultation. Clothing items should show your style and personality, but also convey a message of professionalism to those who see your images. Solid colors are best. Stay away from busy patterns and brightly colored clothing as they will detract the viewer’s attention from you. We recommend wearing dark colors such as black, navy blue, gray, brown, dark purple, or dark green. Suits are great if they make sense with your profession. Sweaters also work well. Layers with a light-colored shirt underneath and a dark-colored jacket or sweater on top are great. U-necked or v-necked shirts are great. Avoid clothing that is uncomfortable, too tight, or too revealing. All clothing should be clean and wrinkle free. You’d be surprised how much detail the camera can capture. We recommend long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves. Sleeveless and short sleeves can draw too much attention to upper arms and away from your face. Nice pants or skirts can help your confidence and show in your expression even if we are only shooting head and shoulders shots.

What about hair and makeup?

For women, we highly recommend their hair and makeup be professionally done prior to the session. If our hair and makeup artist will be doing your hair and makeup, you will want to come with clean, dry hair and no product in your hair. Your skin should be clean and lightly moisturized with no makeup on.

For men, natural is best. Be sure to have your beard or mustache trimmed prior to your session. To perfect your headshot, our makeup artist can offer a consultation, eyebrow and facial hair grooming, and natural powder to remove shine from your skin. If you’d like to do the powder yourself to reduce shine, we recommend using a translucent pressed powder like Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte Setting Powder.

If you need professional hair and makeup, please contact one of the professionals here: https://www.starloft.com/recommended-hair-makeup-artists/ We highly suggest this service so you are looking your best. We recommend scheduling this service just before your shoot time so curls don’t fall out, makeup doesn’t get smudged, etc. Your hair and makeup artist is welcome to use the space where we shoot; we just need to coordinate the timing.

What else should I do to prepare for the shoot?

Be sure to book your session far enough in advance that you can prepare. Getting a professional facial, hair cut, hair color, and eye brow waxing about a week before the shoot can ensure that you will look your best. Do not do these things the day before your session. Be sure to eat well, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest leading up to the session as well. Taking proper care of your body (or not) will show in your images.

When should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive a couple minutes before your scheduled session time. This time will allow us to start your session on time, relax, check your hair, change outfits (if necessary), etc. without losing any time from your session.

When will I get my images?

We will review your images in person after the shoot to choose which images you’d like to purchase. Once you choose which images you’d like, the final images are usually delivered within one week of your selections. If you have a deadline, be sure to let us know when you book your session.

How much retouching do you do?

Retouching provides the highest level of attention to detail and includes things such as reducing or removing wrinkles, blemishes, stray hairs, scars, tattoos, shiny skin, and dark circles, as requested. The key is to enhance the image without making you look fake.

What about COVID-19?

If you or anybody you’ve been in close contact with is sick or has tested positive for COVID-19, please contact us to reschedule. Upon your arrival we will kindly ask you to either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water. High touch areas in our shooting area are disinfected multiple times a day. I will also be wearing a mask for the duration of your appointment. You do not need to wear a mask upon arrival or while you are being photographed.