Aerial Videographer

Drone videography, also known as aerial videography, is great for showcasing special outdoor structures and features such as bodies of water, land, pools, landscaping, roofs, decks, and more. Aerial videography is effective for commercial real estate, residential real estate, hotels, resorts, apartments, car dealerships, office buildings, golf courses, marinas, restaurants, schools and colleges, store fronts, community events, news events, and construction sites and inspections. Jennifer Arnett has been a licensed FAA part 107 remote pilot since 2016 when the Part 107 program was first introduced. Contact us for more information and to schedule a shoot!

Canton Drone Videographer – Detroit Drone Videographer – Ann Arbor Drone Videographer – Michigan Drone Videographer

Canton Drone Videography – Detroit Drone Videography – Ann Arbor Drone Videography – Michigan Drone Videography

Canton Aerial Videographer – Detroit Aerial Videographer – Ann Arbor Aerial Videographer – Michigan Aerial Videographer

Canton Aerial Videography – Detroit Aerial Videography – Ann Arbor Aerial Videography – Michigan Aerial Videography