Business Videographer

Business videos are great for story telling to introduce yourself and your business to your potential clients, to share how you help your clients, to persuade with testimonials from your clients They can be created for TV, your website, social media, closed circuit TV in your waiting room, or just about anywhere else where video can be shown. Starloft Photo & Video can produce a variety of types of TV ads and online videos for businesses including customer stories, client testimonial videos, employee testimonial videos, interview videos, brand identity videos, product videos, service videos, “about us” business profile videos, promotional videos, blog videos, “how to” videos, and in-studio production videos. Really, the possibilities are limitless with how we can use video for your business. These shoots are a fun experience to professionally share who you are and why you do what you do. They can offer the viewer a behind-the-scenes look into your business. We will work with you to write an engaging script and edit together video shots that compliment your mission. The result will be a clean, clear, and entertaining cinematic message to share. Each project is unique and customized to the client’s needs.

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Call us at 734-335-0213. We’d like to find out more about what you need, so we can better understand how we can best help you. We’ll be asking lots of questions, and we’ll be happy to answer yours, too. A second call may be necessary if we need time to put together a custom solution. If we decide to move forward, we require session payment at the time of booking to secure your session time on our calendar. We look forward to chatting!

Canton Business Videographer – Detroit Business Videographer – Ann Arbor Business Videographer – Michigan Business Videographer

Canton Business Videography – Detroit Business Videography – Ann Arbor Business Videography – Michigan Business Videography