Looking for a Southeast Michigan commercial photographer or videographer? Please call us or email us using the form on this page to tell us all about your photo and video needs. Include as much information as possible about your project such as your relationship to the project, location of the shoot, when you would like the shoot done, when you need the project delivered, number of shots required, what you would like shot, how you will use the images and video, etc. We will follow up by phone to discuss your project further and how we might be able to help. By contacting us, you are agreeing to receive email communications from Starloft Photo & Video. You may opt out at any time. Thank you.

Contact Starloft Photo & Video

business phone: 734-335-0213

email address: jen@starloft.com (We would prefer you use the form below to email us, though.)

mailing address: 46750 Glengarry Blvd, Canton, Michigan 48188

Our general office hours are 10:00am-4:00pm Monday through Saturday. All shoots are by appointment only.