Professional photography is a necessity in marketing real estate properly. Most buyers are shopping online and will use photos as one of the main determining factors in deciding whether to visit a property or not. According to the Wall Street Journal, properties with professional photographs have 61% more views than their peers across all pricing tiers, 134% more traffic than comparable homes in the same zip code, and 145% more traffic than comparable listings in the same MLS area. According to Redfin, properties shot with a professional camera sell for between $935 and $18,819 (depending on the price tier) more than homes shot with other types of cameras. Bottom line, professionally photographed properties sell for more money, have more views on the internet, and have more showings than homes that were not professionally photographed.
Agents, would you want your biggest investment marketed with a few poorly planned point and shoot or mobile phone snapshots? Your sellers don’t either. Your sellers deserve the services of a professional real estate photographer. When you present a seller’s home in the best way possible, it will help your relationship with your seller leading to future referrals. The neighbors are watching, too! If they are considering listing, they will take note of how well you present a property.
For many agents, it’s worth hiring a photographer just to take the burden off their own workload. You’re busy enough with your day-to-day schedule. In business it just makes sense to hire specialists for certain tasks. We have thousands of dollars of photography equipment and the experience necessary to create quality real estate imagery.
Our real estate related services include real estate listing photography, videography, twilight real estate photography, aerial photography, aerial videography, 360-degree tours, virtual tours, single property websites, graphic design using the photos for printed materials and online marketing, team portraits, and head shots portraits. Contact us today to schedule your shoot.
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Plymouth Real Estate Photographer – Detroit Real Estate Photographer – Ann Arbor Real Estate Photographer – Michigan Real Estate Photographer

Plymouth Real Estate Photography – Detroit Real Estate Photography – Ann Arbor Real Estate Photography – Michigan Real Estate Photography

Plymouth Real Estate Videographer – Detroit Real Estate Videographer – Ann Arbor Real Estate Videographer – Michigan Real Estate Videographer

Plymouth Real Estate Videography – Detroit Real Estate Videography – Ann Arbor Real Estate Videography – Michigan Real Estate Videography